Since the start of hair follicle transplantation in women with the FUE method, to this day, alternative treatments such as unsuccessful and unwanted hair transplantation practices and medication methods are far behind. Hair transplantation is a procedure that includes medical treatment methods and is being applied to men as well as women today, having a high success rate. 

Because hair is a commodity that plays an important role in many ways from a woman's character to her psychology, it requires professionalism to make the patients suffering hair related problems both visually and psychologically happy. It is our greatest duty to prepare a fine plan and schedule according to the patient's requests and expectations, and to approach that goal to the extent allowed by the technology. When our female clients come to us we first talk about hair transplantation methods and present our examples. We do our best for our clients to make them welcome a new happy life. Because there is no happy client for us, but individuals whom we made happy and provided with a new breath.

In the hair transplantation with the FUE method / DHI pen method in female patients, unlike in the case of men, a window is opened in the neck area and some of the hair are shaved. Roots extracted from the shaved area is be transferred to regions with little or no hair. Most of our patients do not feel pain with this method. These hair transplantation procedures, which you may undergo under local anesthesia, are among the most successful methods of our day and give visible results in 6-10 months.


Who is eligible for the FUE Method?


… who have sparse areas in their hair, or

… with partial baldness, or

… suffering from local hair loss, and

Not suffering any infectious disease are eligible for a hair transplantation with the FUE technique.

The FUE method is the most frequently used procedure among today's hair transplantation methods because it is a painless procedure carried out by using strong hair roots extracted from the neck with micro tips.

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