In the Estetrend Aesthetic and Hair Transplantation Center, the eyebrow implantation is applied in the removal of deformities resulting from wrong shaping of the eyebrows, in the reinstatement of spilled eyebrows, as well as in the treatment of scars, burns, surgery and stitching. Anyway, it is possible to reconstruct the lost eyebrows or to thicken the existing eyebrows and to shape them in the desired aesthetic form with eyebrow implants ... It should not be forgotten that the only way to compensate for lost eyebrows is to use eyebrows as it is not possible that new eyebrows grow in place of diminished and spilled eyebrows.


The procedure of eyebrow implantation begins with the decision of the patient about the desired shape and it is applied under local anesthesia. The eyebrow implantation is carried out, like in the hair transplantation, by implanting the hair follicles extracted from the shaved nape region, which have a genetic code preventing shedding. In the eyebrow implantation, the donor area where the hair roots are to be extracted will be shaved and the roots are picked one by one from this area by using the Micro FUE method and transferred to the area where the eyebrow implantation will take place. However, no scars remain on the donor area where the hair follicles are extracted. During the first week after eyebrow implantation, there may be slight flaking on the implanted area. At the end of the first week, the scales will disappear. Because of the nature of the extracted roots, it is normal that the eyebrows will grow in certain periods of time. For this reason, eyebrows may need to be shortened at certain intervals. This period is the process of adapting the roots to the brow zone. Eyebrows may shed during the period of 4 to 6 months after implantation. After this spill, the eyebrows will come out again. At the end of the 6th-8th month the shape of the eyebrows will fully fit.

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