The micro hair simulation method, also called hair tattoo, is performed in order to provide a fuller image until the completion of the process after hair implantation. With the Micro Hair Simulation method, real hair roots and hair structures are imitated and epidermal micropigmentation is applied to areas with baldness or sparse areas with special devices.

Micro Hair Simulation is not a hair transplantation method or similar treatment. However, it can be used together with any hair transplantation methods.

It usually has very effective results in closing regional hair loss, such as alopecia.

The duration of Micro Hair Simulation generally varies from about 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of the application area.

After Micro Hair Simulation, the patient can return to his daily life immediately.

The persistence of the Micro Hair Simulation is usually 2-3 years, varying individually.

Micro Hair Simulation is done by using special sterile disposable needles with the help of special devices.

Micro Hair Simulation can be applied to a region of the hair after the application, no side effects occur.

Micro Hair Simulation is done with the help of special dyes and there is no known harm to human health.