The hair filling applied at our center has been formulated using renewing peptide complexes and growth factors to ensure that hair loss is stopped and scalp hair is restructured. Hair Filling is produced with continuous release drug technology. The hair filling is applied by injection four times, once every two weeks. The Hair Filling is quite effective in the alopecia seen both in women and men. It is an effective method against sparse hair and hair loss seen in men and women. Hair Filling is especially preferred to increase the durability and success rate after hair transplantation. Hair Filling is also used for synergistic prevention of hair loss in combined treatment of Alopecia patients.


Mesotherapy, PRP therapy, hair vaccination, stem cell treatment as well as the new hair filling composition stimulate by increased gene expression the growth factors HGF and VEGF which effect the growth of the hair follicles. They also have a stimulating effect on IGF-1 and FGF-7 by which they promote protein expression and hair growth. The gene expression associated with hair loss is suppressed by decreasing DKK-1, IL-6 and TGF-b1. Hair filling accelerates blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles, stimulates hair growth by enlarging follicles and stops hair loss.


Of course, it is your doctor who should, taking into consideration which type of hair loss you are suffering from, decide which application is the best for you. The most accurate method will be selected after examination. Hair Filling should not be confused with Micro Hair Pigmentation or Hair Simulation, which are completely different operations.