Afro Hair Transplantation is a hair transplantation procedure applied to people with African and American origins having curly and wavy hair. Afro Hair type people show changes according to straight hair type. Since roots have different grip angles under the skin, curly and wavy hair must be treated more carefully with different techniques and different applications.

In Afro hair transplantation, for the implantation procedure of curly and wavy hair, firstly it should be determined to which extend the hair is curled. According to the result of this analysis before Afro Hair Implantation, it is determined with which angle the hair turns under the skin. With the calculation of these lines, it is very important to decide according to which plan the process should be continued. If the angles are not calculated, a great portion of the grafts (roots) can be lost during the extraction by using a micro punch and problems may occur in providing the planned number of roots. For this reason, every detail of the hair needs to be analyzed well in AFRO hair transplantations.