Beard implantation and mustache implantation are important in the appearance of the person. Beard implantation and mustache implantation are like a man-specific accessory to which can be given a wide variety of shapes. In some patients they do not grow at all due to hormonal irregularities or can grow disorderly or sparsely due to genetic factors although the hormone levels are normal. In both cases the person feels uncomfortable.

Beard and mustache implantation is carried out by extracting the nape hair which has the closest structure to beard and mustache hair by using a special micro FUE device and implanting it within the desired borders. Beard and mustaches that are implanted manually or by using DHI are not different from normal and can be shaved daily or grown. The beard and mustache implantation process can be performed under local anesthesia without leaving any scars. In the first week after beard and mustache implantation red scales occur on the skin. However, there is no pain or discomfort. About 8-10 weeks after the procedure, the result will start to be seen. The adaptation period will be completed after a period of 10 - 12 months. It is not possible to distinguish the hair strands that have been implanted in the beard and mustache region from the existing hair with the naked eye. The result with Estetrend Hair Clinic will be natural and lasting.

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